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Jason Drew

Environmental Capitalist

Jason Drew is a serial entrepreneur, passionate environmentalist and futurist who argues that industrial revolution is over and the sustainability revolution has begun. Based on this he has developed a clear vision and blueprint for business in the 21st century. He is an inspirational business leader of this nascent revolution. His current business is using oak tree extracts as natural preservatives for the food industry and for antibacterial burn care. Turning accepted business concepts and models upside down as he looks at business today from the perspective of the future. He was also awarded the 2013 United Nations Innovation Prize for Africa and the CleanEquity award by HSH Prince Albert of Monaco.

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Nowadays, you have to be an environmentalist and an entrepreneur at the same time. Both alone are not sustainable. Meanwhile, many business models exist that master this balancing act.

Multiple entrepreneur and environmentalist Jason Drew has already invested in various business models that were and are financially as well as environmentally profitable. For a long time, he focused on insects, for example on food made from insects. In this regard, he emphasised that we had forgotten that we naturally ate insects in the beginning of our time.

Today, Drew is increasingly focusing on plants such as oak, cannabis, psychoactive mushrooms, from which he extracts substances and sells them to the pharmaceutical industry, for example. We have used such substances before and are now learning to reuse them. Jason Drew is convinced: The business with natural, organic extracts will develop into a multi-billion industry in the course of the coming years.