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Advisory Board Story

Dr. Ian Roberts

CTO, Bühler Group

Ian Roberts has served as CTO of Bühler since 2011. During that period the company has undergone a digital transformation, developed a collaborative innovation culture building and engaging with broad ecosystems and continued to strengthen an innovation leadership position. A strong advocate for entrepreneurship and sustainability, he is president of the startup accelerator MassChallenge Switzerland, a board member of RESTOR, a global ecology and land restoration platform and an Ambassador for the education programme Aiducation. Ian Roberts has spent more than 25 years in the food industry, having previously worked in a range of innovation roles for Nestlé.

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Bühler Group is a globally active family business that is run like a family: Every decision is made with the next generation in mind. The focus is on balancing the needs of business, people and nature.

50 percent less water as well as energy consumption and waste generation: This is what the Bühler Group has committed itself to. But no one can achieve such a goal alone. To do so, the company must enter into partnerships.

Circular economy in agronomy revolves around food value chains. There is a great need for action here. By 2050, there will be around ten trillion people. At the same time, we need to do something about our carbon footprint. We have to ask ourselves how we can reduce our environmental impact and feed ten trillion people in parallel.

Meat consumption will decrease in Western nations. But this is not true for the developing world. After all, how and why should we stop the people living there from eating protein? If we want them to give up meat, we must therefore find a better source of protein.

Circular economy is only possible if cross-industry partnerships are entered into and joint responsibility is assumed. That is why Bühler Group works with other companies, promotes networking beyond the boundaries of its own industry and helps start-ups to gain a foothold.