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Ken Webster

University of Exeter, Centre Circular Economy

Ken Webster is the author of the 2017 book “The Circular Economy: A Wealth of Flows“ and was Head of Innovation at the Ellen Macarthur Foundation, a leading British NGO in the circular economy sector, from 2010 to 2018. He is currently a Senior Lecturer at the University of Exeter Business School Centre for Circular Economy. Ken Webster is based in the UK, but works internationally.

You will receive an overview of the topic of circular economy, important current issues for SMEs and an orientation for the future.

Compass | English

9.00 a.m.

Ken Webster on circular economy and the future of business

“Circular economy is about capital maintenance. If we can’t get that right, we can’t derive a circle of benefits,” Ken Webster, Senior Lecturer for Circular Economy at the University of Exeter argues. The author assures that waste has no value and maintaining capital is where the value lies. He emphasizes that a change in mindset is necessary to create this shift in the economy. While answering questions posed by Brindusa Burrows, CEO and Founder of The Ground Up Project, Webster underlines the importance of digitalisation that has created new opportunities for business models and design. One of these opportunities has come in the creation of business models centering around service and the sharing economy. To make circular economy thrive, the environment needs to support the new system. Webster calls on governments to make sure that the rules of the game suit the economy.