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Christoph Ammann

Director of Economic Affairs, Canton of Berne

Christoph Amman has been a member of the Cantonal Council of Berne since 2016 and is Head of the Department of Economic Affairs. At the beginning of June 2019, he took over the Bern Regional Council. He studied German literature and Latin at Berne University, and subsequently qualified as a secondary school teacher. From 1993 to 2014 Amman taught at Interlaken grammar school, where he was principal from 2011 to 2016. He was President of Procap Bern and Chairman of the Executive Board of Raiffeisenbank Region Haslital-Brienz. A Social Democrat, he began his political career in 1999 as mayor of Meiringen. In 2006 he was elected to the Grand Council of the Canton of Berne and in 2016 to the Cantonal Council.

keynote | German

3.45 p.m.



National Council Member Christoph Ammann and Professor for Sustainable Development Peter Messerli participate in a discussion on the main topics of the conference and the recently founded Wyss Academy for Nature. Christoph Ammann expresses his satisfaction that the Wyss Academy is currently operative, even having been founded during the pandemic, and speaks about being prepared for the next crisis. Ideally, we would be actively working against it before it appears, a task the Wyss Academy has a multitude of projects assigned to. Prof. Messerli describes the panels as very educational and lauds the participants of the event for considering the changes in everyday life the pandemic will bring, as opposed to the often-centralized economic factors. He stresses the need for innovation and preparedness instead of just dialogue and tough questions. The collaborations of the Wyss Academy and the ever-growing nature of its partnership portfolio are signs of the steps being taken to work on central systems that need to change. The discussion ends with a note of anticipation for coming events and the next CE2 conference.