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Switzerland’s most important environmental award is sponsored by the Schweizerische Umweltstiftung (Swiss Environmental Foundation) and the “Go for Impact” association. The latter brings together some of Switzerland’s most important environmental and economic organisations.

The award focuses on entrepreneurial solutions that combine outstanding environmental innovations with economic success. Award winners must have the potential to inspire decision-makers in the business world and enlist them to become advocates of genuine corporate sustainability.

“Ecology and economics go hand in hand.
We’re delighted that with the ‚Environmental Award
of the Economy’, we’re able to present the best examples from the Swiss economy at CE2.”

Cédric Habermacher
Head of the Swiss Environmental Foundation


The following finalists have been selected by the award jury and will present their solutions to the CE2 audience. The 2019 winner will then be announced.

CO2 Capture Plants


Climeworks technology is simple and efficient: By capturing CO2 from ambient air, a negative emissions future and truly circular carbon economy is enabled

Solar Folding Roof HORIZON

dhp Technology

Das Solarfaltdach ermöglicht erstmalig die Doppelnutzung von industriellen Nutzflächen zur Solarstromproduktion, dank seiner einzigartigen Leichtbauweise und dem Faltmechanismus. Diese Flächen können durch herkömmlich fixe Solarsysteme nicht erschlossen werden und bilden das enorme Marktpotenzial vom Solarfaltdach.

HeiQ Clean Tech

HeiQ Materials

This textile technology enables a more eco-friendly and effective polyester dyeing process while at the same time optimizing textile product quality. HeiQ Clean Tech – make the sustainable choice!


«DSwitzerland needs the environmental award for the economy because it creates incentives to strive for economic success in an environmentally friendly way.”»

Doris Leuthard
Jury President from 2020

Doris Leuthard
Jury President from 2020
Daniel Bloch
VRP & CEO Camille Bloch SA
Cornelia Diethelm
Founder Centre for Digital Responsibility, Director Shifting Society AG
Prof. Dr. Thomas Dyllick
Professor für Nachhaltigkeitsmanagement, HSG
Roman Hirsbrunner
CEO Jung von Matt/Limmat
Dr. Dominik Isler
CEO Swiss Economic Forum
Prof. Dr. Reto Knutti
Professor für Klimaphysik, ETH Zürich
Patrizia Laeri
SRF Wirtschaftsredaktorin
Jean Laville
Deputy CEO Swiss Sustainable Finance
Ruedi Noser
Unternehmer & Ständerat
Patrick Odier ab 2020
Seniorpartner und geschäftsführender Teilhaber Lombard Odier
Anna Stünzi
Leadership Council SDSN Switzerland