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Deep Dive Sessions

Immerse yourself in various topics related to the circular economy and responsible entrepreneurship. Deepen, exchange, reflect in smaller groups – put together your own programme with the sessions.



Switzerland’s most sustainable concrete

Language: German

Neustark and Losinger Marazzi are developping various project in a joint effort and are pleased to implement sustainable concrete. With its technology, the Neustark company not only removes CO₂ from the atmosphere and stores it in recycled concrete granulate, but as this treatment requires less cement, the production of which causes a large ammount CO₂, the resulting concrete is twofold more sustainable. The best part however, is that there is no loss of quality in practice.

Harald Schrödl
Joël Durret
Head of Department Structural Engineering, Directorate Engineering, Losinger Marazzi
Valentin Gutknecht
Co-Founder and CEO neustark AG
René Bäbler
Head of Competence Centre "Sustainable Building", Losinger Marazzi


Circular economy as an opportunity for cities

Language: German

Circular economy is an enormous opportunity for cities. To successfully implement a circular strategy, it is up to representatives from politics, the local economy and the individual city to discuss the best way forward. The role of politicians is in convincing city administrations to implement the necessary measures. The aim of this session is to promote an open dialogue between politicians and the city while including the economic perspective. As that could be a driving force for Circular Cities.

The session will be held in German with contributions in French.

Marco Grossmann
Matthias Tobler
Urban villages
Samira Dubart
Déléguée au développement durable, Ville de Lausanne
Virve Resta
Senior Projet Manager Strategic Location Development


How a healthy diet can help the environment

Language: German

The fact that our diet not only has an impact on our health, but also on the well-being of our planet, is beyond question today. However, what a healthy and sustainable diet looks like is not quite so easy to answer. In this panel discussion, we will reflect on dietary habits with representatives from different sectors of the food industry. We want to find out to what extent they are healthy or sustainable when certain ingredients are omitted.

Barbara Dubach
Prof. Dr. Alexander Mathys
Assistant Professor of Sustainable Food Processing, ETH Zürich
Markus Bigler
CEO, Bigler AG Fleischwaren


Clean Energy as key to a circular economy

Language: German

Renewable energy and decarbonisation are cornerstones of the circular economy. Energy supply is of essential importance in the transformation towards a climate-neutral future. Together with experts and entrepreneurs, we will discuss the importance of clean energy, shed light on the challenges of possible regulation and highlight dependencies and possible solutions.

Alice Baumann
Ronny Kaufmann
CEO, Swisspower AG
Mevina Feuerstein
Senior Consultant, Amstein + Walthert


How circular models open new opportunities for SMEs

Language: German

The application of sustainable processes and the circular economy is already widespread among start-up companies. But for established SMEs, such rethinking of established processes often seems to be associated with great effort. However, this is not necessarily the case. This session serves as an exchange between young and established companies that have already integrated circular thinking into their business models. This way, companies will be shown proven possibilities of implementation and given inspiration to find their own way to apply circular solutions.

Peter Stämpfli
Chairman of the Board, Stämpfli Group
Florian Felder
Co-Founder, niuway